Ultra Acry Gel

Sheba Nails Ultra Acry Gel is a hybrid polygel solution for those who enjoy the strength of acrylic with the ease of gel application.  Our UV/LED, odorless formulation allows you to work as long or as fast as you choose.  Convenient tube packaging means no waste of product.  No need for monomer, ratios and no mixing.  Compatible with your favorite UV or LED lamp.

-Strong- Unbeatable for strength yet flexible to prevent cracking or crystallization

-Easy- unlimited working time for ease in application

-Safe - no monomer means it's odorless and perfect for spa and salon use

Ultra Acry Gel 1oz - Clear

UV/LED Poly Gel

Ultra Acry Gel 1oz - Pink

UV/LED Poly Gel

Ultra Acry Gel 1oz ea - Clear & Pink Duo

UV/LED Poly Gel

Ultra Acry Gel Slip Solution

Poly Gel Guiding Solution

Acry Gel Poly Tool Brush

Dual End Tool for Poly Gel Application

Acry Gel Dual Nail Forms 100 ct

Poly Gel Builder Dual Nail Forms with Guide Lines

Ultra Acry Gel Try Me Kit - Clear

The Basics of Ultra Acry Gel System