Dipcrylic Luna Glow In The Dark Infinity Kit

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Three glowing dipping powder shades that glow in the dark are sure to light up your night!

Luna Glow In The Dark Dipping Powder are part of our Dipcrylic Dipping Line.  Easy to use with any dip system to achieve beautiful shades by day yet glow in the dark.  Ideal for natural nails and artificial nails alike.  For more intense color or strength, apply more layers to the nails.  To easily change the color powders, simply use a base of Clear Dipping Powder first so you can remove the color layers with having to remove the entire nail tip or jut less layers to remove if using on natural nails.  Visit our YouTube channel to view tutorials for application and fills.

Kit Includes:

  • Luna Dipcrylic Dipping Powder 1/2oz Shooting Star 
  • Luna Dipcrylic Dipping Powder 1/2oz Glistening White
  • Luna Dipcrylic Dipping Powder 1/2oz Moon Child
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