Gelcrylic Powder Secret Garden Kit

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Gelcrylic Secret Garden Collection are a series of color acrylic powders that are inspired by blooming florals from nature.

Sheba Nails Gelcrylic Powder is a super fine acrylic powder formulation for use with gel application.  Our self leveling system makes it possible for you to achieve smooth, high gloss nails with no need for filing.  Finely sifted acrylic powder leaves no grainy feeling or look to your finished nails.

Kit includes:

-Gelcrylic Soak Off UV/LED Gel 1/2oz

-Gelcrylic Powder 1/4oz Hibiscus

-Gelcrylic Powder 1/4oz Lily

-Gelcrylic Powder 1/4oz Orchid

-Gelcrylic Powder 1/4oz Peony