Mini LED Gel Curing Lamp

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Sheba Nails Mini LED Nail Lamp designed to cure all five fingers at one time.

New and Advanced LED Gel Lamp!

Lightweight and small, easy to carry - with 30 second, auto-off timer function.
The Sheba Nails Mini LED Curing Lamp is designed to quickly cure all five fingers at the same time. Cures Sheba Nails Gel Polish and Gelcrylic as well as most other brands in thirty seconds.

- Energy-saving, LED is a low-power device, low power consumption machine.

- Does not produce heat.

- Long life, the normal life is 35000-50000 hours.

- Lightweight, compact and perfect for travel - size 5.8" x 2.8" x 2.6"

- Fast dry time, with the use of LED nail gel, the dry time is about 30 seconds.