Gelcrylic Countess Crown Jewels Collection Kit

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Gelcrylic Kit that features three shades of Gelcrylic Powder from our Crown Jewels Collection.

Gelcrylic Crown Jewels Powders feature opaque, jewel tone colors with rich hues for manicures and nail art.

Sheba Nails Gelcrylic Powder is a super fine acrylic powder formulation for use with UV and LED gel application.  Our self leveling system makes it possible for you to achieve smooth, high gloss nails with no need for filing.  Finely sifted acrylic powder leaves no grainy feeling or look to your finished nails.

Our Crown Jewels Gelcrylic Powder Collection are a collection of jewel tone shades offering full coverage that makes it perfect for manicures as well as nail art.

This system offers the benefit of no odor and the double strength of two powerful products – the toughness of a powder plus the durability and gloss of  gel. Easy to use and odorless - what a great combination. Two products merge to create durable nail technology. No fumes or odors means compatibility with day spas.

Kit Includes:

 - Gelcrylic UV/LED Gel Clear 1/2oz

 - Gelcrylic Powder 1/4oz Reign Gelcrylic Powder

 - Gelcrylic Powder 1/4oz Highness Gelcrylic Powder

 - Gelcrylic Powder 1/4oz Envy Gelcrylic Powder

 - 1 Mini Spoon Applicator

 - 5 Cleansing Wipes

 - Instructions